Surrounded? Yes, Surrounded.

Elisha Surrounded by Army of God


Surrounded, it seems, on every side –

The darkness presses in

Grabbing with its wiry arms

Enticing me to sin.


How can I stand against it

When it leers from every store,

From every window, every shelf,

And lurks ’round every door?


Surrounded? Yes, but greater still:

Surrounded by the Lord!

And surrounded by His heavenly host

Each brandishing a sword!


One word, one cry, one call for help

The Lord will fight for me!

His help is sure, His army, swift

As I humbly bend my knee.



From participating in the Tuesday@Ten challenge.

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3 comments on “Surrounded? Yes, Surrounded.

  1. denise on said:

    so very encouraging

  2. What a beautiful poem. Yes, Jesus is only a cry away. Thank you for reminding me that Jesus is stronger than sin and only with Jesus we can overcome sin. We can say no to sin.