It all started with a prayer.

“Lord,” I whispered, as a sat quietly under a tree. The evening sun radiated beautiful oranges into the sky and stretched them across the silent field before me. It warmed me just enough to keep me comfortable out in the crisp wintery air. “Lord,” I said again, this time a little louder, “I want to reach these girls…and I don’t know how…but I know You know. I just want them to be able to know the beauty of your character and the magnificence of your commands, as You have been teaching me. I want them to be transformed, just like your Holy Spirit has transformed me. I know you care about each of them more than I do…so, Lord, give me your ideas for reaching them, and I will do what I can. I’m ready and willing.”

God took me up on my offer.

It has been an adventure, and it has not been easy. But, if even one life can be changed, and one soul rescued, I consider that worth it all.

It began with the “Unshakable” book. And then God nudged me and said, “You need more. How about starting a magazine, to continue on where the book leaves off?” And then, it was, “A website. You will need to build a website.”

So I have nodded, and obeyed as He has directed. Sometimes with great joy. Many times with tears. It has cost me much; I have surrendered much time, many days of wanting to be free to just “have fun” and join those around me in light hearted outings and enjoyments, my little (growing) family has also often gotten less than their fair share of energy from me, as I put in hours upon hours to do my best at the tasks God set before me. My house is not sparkling clean, I am not the perfect wife, and there are days when my body aches so intensely from bending over my work on these things so continually that I can do nothing more than curl up in a ball on my bed, and cry out to Jesus. But I do my best to say “yes” to the Lord’s direction, and entrust these other matters of the heart into His hands.

And, friends, He has done great things. And I know, without a doubt, that it has all been worth it…and will continue to be worth it.

For you.

This is all for you.

Because Jesus really, really loves you….and He wants you to be safe in His arms always.

So this is not just a blog. It’s not just a book, or an e-Magazine: This is Jesus calling to you. Please, hear His voice today, and do not harden your hearts.