This is less of a blog post today, and more of a musing…and a challenge…


“Delight yourself in the Lord….”

Delight.  It’s one of those words we can so easily skip over, mentally substituting it with “love” or a vague feeling of affection.  But we miss so much when we skip over it.  I was just recently pondering the phrase above, found in Psalm 37, and the word “delight” jumped out at me.  And as I sat, pondering it, I realized that I so often have not really paid attention when reading this scripture.

What does “delight” actually mean?

One definition says, “a high degree of pleasure or enjoyment; joy; rapture”.

I would take it even further than that though.  If I “delighted” in my husband, I would be noticing all the little details about Him that I love and appreciate.  I would be fascinated with his character and everything he does and thinks.  I would be rejoicing for such a wonderful husband and friend, and having specific moments and parts of who he is running through my mind, as I sang for joy!

And I believe it should be the same thing between us and God. So…I challenge you to DELIGHT yourself in the Lord today.  Purposefully.  Fully.  Immerse yourself in His goodness.

Here are 3 challenges for you as you learn to delight in the Lord:

  1. TAKE NOTE.  Sit down and make a list of all the little details that you so love about God.  It can be a physical list in your journal, or you can make a mental list; though if you don’t write it down, I suggest going somewhere that you can say each thing as it comes to mind out loud to the Lord.  Take note of the things that make Him so wonderful and endearing.  Take note of His careful planning and creativity in creation.  Take note of His love on display in your own life, and through the words of the Bible.  Take note of His faithfulness, and mercy.  Take note of specific moments when His good character has been on display in your own life.  Take time to really think about every detail that you can, just like you would for a guy you were madly in love with.
  2. BE FASCINATED.  Take time to go on walks outside, and let yourself be fascinated at the complexity of the things God has created.  Set aside time each day to delve into the treasure chest of God’s Word, and let yourself be fascinated with the intricacy of His plan throughout the annals of history, and the depths of His love on display throughout the pages of Scripture.  Let yourself be like a little child — don’t overlook the familiar — soak in every detail, every moment…and saturate yourself in the wonder of the height and breadth of His love.
  3. REJOICE!  As you ponder God’s goodness, and greatness, and all of the wonderful details of His character…turn it to praise and rejoicing in Him!  Sing to Him, shout to Him, let your heart dance within you as you let yourself overflow with the gladness and joy of your delight in the Lord!
Written by TAI

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